Sunday, November 27, 2011

LLL - Latest on Lydia's Leg

Ok, well it was really her ankle but indeed it was fractured. This was her stylin' footwear for 10 days.

She didn't seem to mind, but our BRAND NEW hardwood floors sure didn't like that fat medal plate sticking out by the toe.
Ughhh. At least she is all healed up and back on the trampoline...sigh...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Never a dull moment around here.

Last week Lydia was jumping on a neighbor's trampoline and came in complaining about her ankle and foot hurting. I brushed it off as a sprain since she was running, dancing and playing with friends 10 minutes later. The next day she came home from school limping so I called our dance carpool and told her Lydia wouldn't be going to dance. I thought it just needed a day or two to heal.

Since then she has been limping around on her left foot tippy toes and complaining on and off but could still break out in a "jig" as she always does and her teacher didn't even notice. After walking to the Vandy game last night my mom mentioned that i should probably just have it looked it.

So I did.

And YEP, after a doc visit and a quick X-ray our girl has a fracture in her ankle. As I understand it, it's where the tibia and fibula meet in the back close to her heel. Which would explain the tippy toes.

We have an appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow. We should know more then.

You would never know anything was wrong with her besides her slight limp and a little complaint here and there.

That's our TOUGH GIRL!   

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Heart Breaker

Vandy led 3/4 of the game. We beat them in almost every stat...except the one that mattered most. I am just sick about it BUT Very PROUD of my Commodores!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costume Troubles

Lydia wants to be THIS for HalloweenAnd
Zachary wants to be THIS for Halloween

We looked and looked for the Raspberry Tart costume in her size and all we could find was a toddler size. Last week I finally found a child small online size 4-6. It came today and honestly, it is TINY. I don't think we could get her right arm in the dress.

The city of Nashville is wiped out of child and adult angry bird costumes. I'm bummed that the costume is so popular bc when Zachy came up with it all on his own I thought he was brilliant.

Thankfully, I had my mom with me at the pumpkin tent this morning looking for his costume and we resorted to Joanne's for a pattern. She is at home as a type sewing it for him and Seth and I will make the face. I'm about to call her and break news that she will also need to whip up a Raspberry Tart dress in the next 48 hours. I think all the accessories will work just fine.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Really? It's been THAT long since I last posted to my blog. Yikes.

Well, sooooo many things have happened since then and I have decided that I MUST for the sake of remembering this wonderful life I share with my small children and husband, start blogging more... A LOT more. So that's that.

I've decided that just a few sentences about something that happened that day, or something funny that one of the kids said is suitable and REQUIRED. So I'm not here this time to update my blog on the last 4 or so months. Instead... I'll share this funny story...

Lydia came home from school yesterday crying. She was in tears as she burst through the door. The conversation went something like this...

L: Sobbing -Mommy, I got on orange today.
Me: Orange? What? What happened honey? Settle down and tell me.
L: I'm scared. I'm scared you won't give me dinner!
Me: WHAT??? Won't give you dinner (and just for the record my dear, I have only THREATENED to send you to bed without dinner. I have never actually done it!)?? Just tell me.
L: I lied.
Me: YOU DID WHAT??? - she knows how much I will NOT tolerate lying!

So I pulled the "oops note" out of her backpack and I had to turn around so she wouldn't see me laughing at what was written. Apparently, Lydia told and convinced a teacher's assistant in the cafeteria that she was allergic to peanut butter so that she could sit at the peanut free table with her friend Paris.

OH GOOD LORD...what in the world are the "real" teenage years going to hold for us?!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our FIRST Mom/Daughter Trip

Dear Lydia, I am planning our day trip to Chicago tommorow very carefully, to be sure to include absolutely everything and anything that will make us happy and smile! Of course American Girl Doll is top of the list but knowing you and I, we will love it, but be ready to move on quickly to a new adventure. So I have us all mapped out and ready to go! Put your walking boots on girl! This is are first mommy/daughter trip and I think I just may be more excited than you! Love You Sweet Bug and here is to our first and SO MANY MORE!!! Love, Mommy.