Thursday, March 31, 2011

Without Further Adieu...

OUR NEW HOME ~ Watkins ~!

Watkins is in major need of some really great landscaping!

I can't wait for the weather to get nicer to plant flowers and pick weeks and trim bushes and lay new mulch and so on and so on... The Back of our house...The screened in porch and a small portion of our awesome backyard! Daddy putting up the swing set AGAIN! Lydia supervising daddy's work, AGAIN! A good shot of our HUGE back yard that opens up to an enormous beautifully wooded

common space.

Another Angle The Final shot of our great backyard... Did I mention that Mother Watkins is in dire need for a large landscaping REDO! Seth worked so hard on our lawn at Hudson. It was beautiful and we were always getting compliments on how nice it looked and the how pretty the green full grass was. I know he can do it again! But wouldn't it be great if one of those HGTV shows would find us roaming around Lowe's and surprise us like they do on THIS SHOW, Yard Crashers! I am pretty sure you have to live in CA or something to see that dude wandering around the stores. He's probably not frequenting the Franklin, TN area. Oh well.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back At Last

BLOGGING...I should have made this my Lenten promise, but I am most ashamed to admit that the teeny tiny Lenten deal that I actually DID promise God I have completely jacked up. I AM however working on it. Today I worked HARD on it and I continue to TRY. ***SIGH*** Do you feel the guilt through your screen...hahaaa. Oh well... Carrying On... I am Back! And here are some Winter/Spring Happenings...In Bits and Pieces -We sold our house ~ We got a contract on January 12, My Birthday! This is so bitter sweet for me. I LOVED our Hudson House but 2 kids later, we outgrew that sweet little house. And it wasn't even little...It just didn't provide the right space for us. We had very little closet space and storage and let's face it, kids have a lot of STUFF and it was time! HOWEVER, that house has been so good to us! As the two of us, we suffered through the HORRIFIC trial of infertility there, and then as a foster family. We had a failed adoption and also returned to Hudson once without Zachary; all the while Hudson provided us a warm, safe place to grieve. BUT then the Taylor Tides turned and Hudson came through for us yet shocked as we were, when we all the sudden we had babies running around abusing it only the way babies, toddlers and eventually preschoolers can. Oh, and let's not forget all of the crap it took from Shaggy. I think Seth (arguably) had to repair/replace the backdoor a total of 5 times along with many other repairs. We miss You Hudson!

Monday, March 21, 2011

SURGERY! Ears and Aednoids

As I type Lydia is fast asleep with a little help of some anesthesia. Yes, she is getting tubes put in and possibly adenoids out. And yes, we just went through this with Zachary last year. Let's hope this one is drama free.
Just being silly

Why couldn't I have been born with THIS SPIRIT? Damn, I LOVE this Kid!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Life has been nothing but a BIG HOT MESS for us lately, and especially for me. My plate simply isn't big enough, but I am starting to realize that and that is a good thing.Friday we will FINALLY be in our new house and soon the chaos will all be a thing of the past. Spring will be here soon, and the cold dark clouds will go away. Tears of frustration and the enormous stress and overwhelming feeling will go away, or at least dramatically decrease. Life will settle down. We will settle down and we will all be ok. Because that's how it has to be. We'll be ok because we have to be and we love one another.

And soon...I will be back to my blog. To document my beautiful kids and our beautiful life in my NEW office, in my NEW house. - That makes me smile...and it's also my attempt to let some of the stress subside and BE EXCITED!
And these the are awesome ones that make it all worth while!!!