Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teen Mom

Dear Paparazzi and Media,

PLEASE, I BEG YOU, PLEASE STOP glamorizing the Teen Mom's from MTV. Everywhere we look we see their faces. You have plastered their pictures all over every magazine in the grocery store right next to Angelina Jolie and Katy Perry. Since when did a young, struggling teenage mom earn the cover of your digest week after week after week as if she is Madonna herself. I know you realize the message you are sending our wee ones, I just ask you to consider the ethics behind it. A recent People cover showed a cute picture of Catelynn and Tyler (the young couple who placed their baby for adoption) and the headline read: "We miss our baby" - leaving the millions who simply glimpse at it as they walk by to assume they are saying they made a mistake by placing. But if you actually read the article, or know anything about these sweet kids they are clearly happy with their choice - Irresponsible journalism at it's best!

Teenage pregnancy is a crisis in our country. There is nothing glamorous about being a teen mom yet, you are sending this skewed message to our youth every time you chase them around with cameras on the street or sit them down with beautiful hair and makeup to do a photo shoot as you would a rock star. It's really sickening. Please STOP this madness.

A responsible ADULT mom who realizes the true realities of motherhood - unlike the 14 year old KIDS you are marketing too.

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's just MY perspective Part 2

Ok, But first... My team ~ Vanderbilt ~WON BIG this weekend! We are a SEC team that can't usually pull our weight on the field, due to our high IQ's. And I mean that literally. Vandy is the only team in the SEC that carries extremely high standards when it comes to academics. It doesn't matter how well you carry the ball or how fast you can run. If you can't cut it in the classroom, you can't play with us. I have mixed emotions about this. But that's not for today!

Carrying on..... I started searching and reading in my newly found blog world, I found some great blogs of adoptees and birthmothers and also some really, really, disturbing blogs. And I am not here to judge. In fact, that's my whole point. But my g-d I had NO IDEA there were so many ANGRY adoptees out there. I pray that is a time of the past, as some of us adoptive parents are now realizing the importance of OPEN adoption and COMMUNICATION. I am the communicator to both of my children's birth families. I don't do that for Seth and me, I do that for my kids and their families. And honestly. We love Lydia's birthmom and also Zachary's family - but truth be told - it would be the easy life to disregard them and carry on.

Both Lydia and Zac's parents put us through HELL! They also put our kids through unnecessary trauma ~ but I get it. We were all living our own situations. At least in our tiny little world for OUR kids ~ I get it. And maybe one day I will share their whole stories - with their permission.
Anyhow - For this part of MY PERSPECTIVE - I just Can't BELIEVE HOW MEAN others can be on one another's blog. Whether you are an adoptee, an adopter, an infertile couple or whatever... For the love of G-D - We are all suffering - Can't we all just GET ALONG???

Apparently NOT! - MORE TO COME, I guess.

Just because we were CUTE way back when...