Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Never a dull moment around here.

Last week Lydia was jumping on a neighbor's trampoline and came in complaining about her ankle and foot hurting. I brushed it off as a sprain since she was running, dancing and playing with friends 10 minutes later. The next day she came home from school limping so I called our dance carpool and told her Lydia wouldn't be going to dance. I thought it just needed a day or two to heal.

Since then she has been limping around on her left foot tippy toes and complaining on and off but could still break out in a "jig" as she always does and her teacher didn't even notice. After walking to the Vandy game last night my mom mentioned that i should probably just have it looked it.

So I did.

And YEP, after a doc visit and a quick X-ray our girl has a fracture in her ankle. As I understand it, it's where the tibia and fibula meet in the back close to her heel. Which would explain the tippy toes.

We have an appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow. We should know more then.

You would never know anything was wrong with her besides her slight limp and a little complaint here and there.

That's our TOUGH GIRL!   

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  1. Poor baby! We'll be keeping her in our prayers :) Hoping for a speedy recovery!