Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Conquer and Prevail!

Our Vanderbilt Commodores WON this weekend. So did Purdue. It was a GREAT day in the Taylor house on Saturday.

Now can someone PLEASE tell me how to "Conquer and Prevail" (which by the way is a Vandy cheer!) with the binky and potty training?? Zachy is 2.5 and needs to tell the binkys and diapers GOODBYE!

At this point I feel like he is going to be starting Kindergarten with them.


  1. Does he get the binky anytime, or just at bedtime? If not, start with just letting him have it at night. Then you might just have to go cold turkey. As for diapers, it will come. Try sticker charts, treats, anything. But if he is not ready, it won't happen no matter what you try! It WILL come though! Love your blog, by the way.

  2. If you find out what works for the potty thing, please let me know. BabyBoy is the same age and still in diapers.

  3. I bet he will be out of them in no time! My sister's boy is the same age and she is fighting both battles right now also.

  4. hang in there, I hear from friends that one day everything just magically clicks!!!

    Good Luck!

    Happy ICLW

  5. ^ what sarah said. I found that my boy reached an age where he just seemed to not need the bink anymore so I took it and he never missed it. As for potty training...my mum is the baby whisperer, she magically potty trains kids literally overnight. I have no idea what she does but it works! When he is ready, I'm sure it will come. Boys are always slower than girls at potty training.

  6. happy iclw! your children are gorgeous :)
    i'm kindergarten teacher and have definitely had many students come in sucking their thumbs!

  7. Stopping by from ICLW...I am also a big Vandy fan and was so stoked to see that they beat Ole Miss. Go Dores!

  8. My friend ended up cutting her daughters binky. Her daughter walked up to her and said "It's broken" and showed it to her and she said "Yup - guess it means you're a big girl now and don't need it" That was the end of the binky!

    ICLW #115

  9. Hapy ICLW! Have no fear, my step daughter was 3.5 before she was completely potty trained. It will happen.

  10. I just about lost my mind during potty training! My son was 3.5! He would pee-pee just fine. He just absolutely REFUSED to poop in the potty. My sister (whom I lovingly call 'The Potty Whisperer' came to stay with me for a week. She was here for 3 days and since then, AJ has been completely potty trained. You want me to send her to you??? :-)

    iclw #41

  11. I have absolutely no advice - just popping in to say hi and best of luck!


  12. Since I don't have any kids I am of course no expert but - with the many nieces/ nephews in my life the tricks I have seen to work. Potty: go "try" EVERY hour and use treats & or stickers for rewards :) Though I must confess my niece Isabelle telling the cashier at Kroger "I poop for suckers" was a little embarassing. and Binky - Isabelle's mom cut the tips off of hers and "binky was broken." and after 2-3 days she was fine.

    Good Luck!!