Monday, March 7, 2011


Life has been nothing but a BIG HOT MESS for us lately, and especially for me. My plate simply isn't big enough, but I am starting to realize that and that is a good thing.Friday we will FINALLY be in our new house and soon the chaos will all be a thing of the past. Spring will be here soon, and the cold dark clouds will go away. Tears of frustration and the enormous stress and overwhelming feeling will go away, or at least dramatically decrease. Life will settle down. We will settle down and we will all be ok. Because that's how it has to be. We'll be ok because we have to be and we love one another.

And soon...I will be back to my blog. To document my beautiful kids and our beautiful life in my NEW office, in my NEW house. - That makes me smile...and it's also my attempt to let some of the stress subside and BE EXCITED!
And these the are awesome ones that make it all worth while!!!

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