Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

On Saturday afternoon The Bug was playing so nicely in her playroom, I thought I would surprise her and get Annie out for her to play with for a while. Thank goodness I didn't make a big announcement about going to get her, because as I got close to her cage and said her name I realized she was dead. Well, poor Annie and poor Bug but honestly, we are just not guinea pig peeps (obvioulsy, although I don't think we did anything to kill her). We do dogs and that's about it. I may eat my words one day, but I think from now on we will stick to man's best friend.

So now I have to figure out how to tell Lydia the bad news.


Mommy: "Lydia I have some sad news sweetie."
Lydia: "Oh you do mommy? Can I watch a movie?"
M: "Maybe, but I need to tell you something."
L: "You have a surprise for me mommy?"
M: -Trying not to laugh- "No honey, Annie died."
L: "Annie died mommy? I don't want her to die."
M: "Me either sweetie, I am so sorry."
L: "Well, let's go see her. Can we go see her mommy"

Hmmmm, how do I handle this... Well, ok...she can see her and say good-bye I guess.

-Now we are standing in front of Annie's cage...

L: "Oh mommy, Annie died."
M: "Yes, she did Bug. It's very sad and I am sorry your guinea pig died."
L: "I am so sorry you died Annie. I miss you. Mommy, can you wake her up now so I can play with her?"

Huh??? Oh yeah, she's 3!!!

I explained that she went to live in heaven with Lucky, our Maltese that was hit by a car last year. It seems that was all she needed b/c she rsponded with,"Oh yes, mommy, now Annie is living with Lucky and God in heaven in the fluffy white clouds." "Yes, she sure is Lydia."

Annie hasn't been brought up since. If only life stayed THIS innocent!

Rest in peace Annie.


  1. wow, hope all future conversations go that simply!

  2. So sad that little Annie is in the puffy white clouds. Way to go mom on handing such a delicate situtation! I wish all things could be handled with heaven and little white clouds!