Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just Stuff

This is just s smattering of stuff going on...

I am reading this book.
My friends, Stacy and Annie recommended it to me. It is freaking hysterical. It is so wrong on so many levels, but you just can't help but laugh. It's like a bad wreck you just can't take your eyes off of. You know it's wrong, but my gawd, you just HAVE TO watch, or laugh in my case. So, I highly recommend it if you aren't easily offended.

AND This BOY...

Is talking up a storm.
-What's that?
-Who's that?
- Byeeeeee Yidia
- Hiiiiiii Yidia
- Daddy
- Stop that!
- And absolutely anything else he wants to say if he is in the mood. The VERY best though... He counts to FIVE, and will sing the ABC's. I HAVE to get it on video. It's too GREAT!

We made a very quick trip to PURDUE this weekend to see the Northwestern/Purdue game. Ughhh, it was agony watching the Boilers turn over the ball and miss opportunity after opportunity. The kids were awesome though (even though the game was FREEZING) and had a lot of fun playing with the other kids, Megan and Owen. We stayed with some of Seth's best friends and were also able to see several others. All in all it was a fun weekend minus the final score, but my camera really didn't make it out much while we were there. And I am BUMMED we didn't get to see the Taylor's. Oh well... Next time.

We have a weekend at home this weekend - No football games to attend. Yaaaa. We love football, but it's been a busy fall so far and our teams are crappy. We really need to get some projects done around the house. Hopefully we will.

I am now trying my best to keep up with two blogs. I will continue to post the present on this blog and my private blog will always hold our past. That's not to say that I won't share stories from our past or need to vent about some of the craziness of it all from time to time here, because I know I will.

Ohhh, one more thing. We are hosting a Halloween Costume Party in a few weeks and have yet to decide on costumes. We really like to make a big deal of it... any suggestions?


  1. We have that book! I would say I have read it, but I haven't. James got it and instead he has read parts to me (like practically half the book) - it is hysterical!! I don't know if you've ever seen her show, but she is so funny (but not for those that are easily offended like you said!). As far as Halloween... hmmm maybe a Vanderbilt football player and cheerleader?? It is football season after all! :)

  2. What???????????? Private Blog? How did I miss that one?

  3. Easily offended? Not me! It seems like my kind of book. {adds to list}