Tuesday, October 27, 2009

War Back On

It turns out that Lydia's biological baby brother is in foster care. We knew that C had another baby and that it was a boy. We also knew that he was born just a few weeks before or after Zac. I also know this baby's name. What I didn't know up until a week ago is that this baby boy is IN FOSTER CARE and we were NEVER contacted. DCS policy states that siblings whether adjudicated or not shall be attempted to be placed together and at the very least shall have scheduled visits.

I am LIVID. ABSOLUTELY LIVID!!! Oh, and guess who the caseworker is... YEP.. you guessed it...SATAN WOMAN from hell. The worker that would have given her right arm to have Lydia taken from us.

I WILL get to the very bottom of this. I am beyond LIVID. I will never stop advocating for children, especially my own. What the hell does that woman NOT UNDERSTAND about that? Did she not learn anything about us during our 3 years at war? We will fight for each and every last right for our daughter. We did as her foste parents and we we will now and forever as her adoptive parents!

More later... I am waaaay too angry!!

P.S. I stole "Satan" from Snarky Mom. I couldn't help it. I think we both had the same caseworker. Is that possible?


  1. Go for it. I would be livid if I found out that my son's bio-parents had another child removed and the child was not placed with us.
    We are lucky that the judge in our county follows that to the letter and really works to make sure that siblings are placed together.

  2. Goodluck Katie! I hope everything works out for Lydia and her baby brother.

  3. Wow, sounds like our story all over again. We adopted our daughter from foster care. She now has 2 biological brothers (1/2 siblings- same father) that were placed elsewhere. I got involved immediately and tried to get the 1st one placed here, visits started -ANYTHING. Heck the biological parents even wanted him moved to us but it never happened. The 2nd one was born last spring and placed with his full brother, nothing we could do yet again. I hope your story turns out better! Best of luck!

  4. Wow, Katie I am so sorry and I can only imagine how angry and hurt you are. Hopefully it will work out - you and your family are in my prayers!

  5. Insane, same thing happening here. Lil' mans baby bro is in custody in another state. Nothing has been done despite be asking over and over again for visits, we're willing to drive there. They wont allow us to take the baby because lil' man can be the only child in our home due to his needs. Good luck!

  6. That totally sucks!!!!! I am so sorry Hon.