Thursday, December 24, 2009


OK, I officially suck at blogging. In fact, I suck at a lot of things lately. Recently, it's been parenting and being a good wife. I am working on it though. My husband assures me I am NOT, but deep down, I know I could be better. Mommy and wife guilt is the WORST!!! I mean the WORST! Ugh,

I have a household of sick children and a husband with the flu. It's been this way for 6 days. 3 Days ago, Zachary decided to start climbing out of his crib- at nape time yesterday, I carried him back 16 times before he fell asleep. Now, I feel the heavy mucus settling into MY chest. And, it's Christmas Eve. :(

Despite all of this... I am determined to get up from this computer and make then make some cookies for Santa with Lydia.


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