Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's all About me

I have been feeling Super Duper Crap-tastic this week with an off and on fever, chills, night sweats, a headache and a hacking cough. This morning was no different and that sucks b/c it is my birthday! So, I made the best of it.

I decided instead of dragging my sickly ass into work like i did yesterday, I would stay home. I laid in bed all morning and watched T.V. and surfed the Internet. Then I soaked in a HOT, BUBBLY bath. This is something I NEVER get to do. This afternoon, I am just hanging out. I should be doing laundry, or cleaning up but I am not. I am still not feeling up to par and I figure I deserve a day to recover and chill. So that's what I am doing today.

I have enjoyed my minute b/c it's usually all about them...

Lydia LOVING the Wii after Bath... and she's pretty good too!!

Waiting for HIS turn!

Playing in the **SNOW**

What Could Be Cuter? Than That Look!

Weeee!! NO HANDS!

And That's Just Fine With Me...


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope your feeling better soon. Thanks for all of your help over the last few days :) YOU ROCK!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You deserve a day of relaxing :) I hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. Happy Birthday Honey! I hope that you feel better! How funny, my birthday was the day after Christmas! So close together we coulda celebrated! LOL

  4. Happy Birthday! And good for you for taking care of yourself - my sister decided she could "power thru" being sick and didn't let herself rest and now she has pneumonia in both lungs (and she's only 23) - laundry and cleaning can always wait!

  5. Those pictures of the kids sledding are so cute!

    I hope you are feeling better!

    Mrs. NB