Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Much Needed Break!

This is my last week at work. Summer break is finally here! I love my job. It's my ideal job and it's what I worked for so hard in graduate school - BUT- this year has been a killer. I am not sure why this year and not the last three I have worked here but it has. And sadly, just like the foster care system that I also love and keep dear to my heart, it's not the kids, or the families that make it so difficult, but rather the "system". It's nothing to get into now, b.c. it's FINALLY summer and that's all I can think about!
In a few days we are headed to the Port St. Lucie area in Florida and we can't get there fast enough. We are all so excited and so READY for some sun and fun and relaxation. It's just us going, Seth and me and the kids. We've always traveled with other family and friends so we are looking forward to just enjoying each other this time.
I just thought I would jump on and update the ole' blog on recent happenings in our neck of the woods.

-School is almost out and the kids will only go to daycare on Tues, Thursday's this summer. That means Mommy's "Happy Hour" will start everyday about 10am. haha.

-Lydia's "Adoption Day" is tomorrow! She is soooo EXCITED! We'll have to do something small to celebrate. We really need to start an "Adoption Day Tradition" for the kids.

-I am going to start training for the next half marathon in Nashville when we get back from vacay. I am excited b.c. I need to lose some serious lbs.

-Zachary is soooooo ready to potty train. He asks to sit on the potty everyday and we are just awful b.c. WE are not ready. haha. I dread potty training, but it looks like that will be our summer time fun! Yee Haw!

-Zachy got an ALL CLEAR at the ENT last week and we told him GOODBYE! I still can't believe we went through ALL OF THIS and then he never ended up even needing tubes. I don't think I ever told you all that we ended up taking him to a pediatric pulmonologist at Vanderbilt after the big scare on the OR table and he told us he thought he had reflux. Sure enough...a bottle of Zantac later his ears and chest were all clear. CRAZY, but true! :)

-We have made contact with Christina (Lydia's birthmom) and she wrote and emailed us back! She just got married (she is 18 now), and she seems ok. She told me that she is finishing her GED. I hope we stay in contact.

-Nashville is still suffering from the FLOOD. So many people lost everything. We were so blessed and we have donated lots of things to take to church for the victims. I just can't imagine watching everything I own floating around in dirty flood water. Please keep all of those affected in your prayers.

I will leave you with some recent pics. HAPPY VACATION TO US!!!

Lydia torturing sharing her makeup with Zachy

CLASSIC: I think Zac would agree that torture is actually the correct word here.

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  1. Sounds like everything is going well. I know that I am so looking forward to summer. Thanks for posting the cute pictures of the kids.