Saturday, May 8, 2010

That's a Beautiful Name...

Kelly is doing her weekly "Show Us Your Life" and this week's theme is your kids names.

As most of you all know...Lydia was our foster baby. She arrived on our door step the day she turned 5 months old. When they called us for our first placement they told us it was for a 14 year old girl and her baby named "Star". Yikes...Star? Really? Oh well. Well, when they arrived I said hello to Christina and said, "This must be Star." She looked at me and said, "No, her name is Lydia." Whew...Much Better! Of course it turned out that she was named Lydia Star Marie. Remember, she was named by a 13 year old child - we were just thankful she picked Lydia - b/c I LOVE that name and so does everyone else. It seems anywhere we go she is always told how beautiful her name is. When we FINALLY were able to adopt her - almost 2 years later we dropped the double middle names and gave her a new one. She is now Lydia Kathryn. Kathryn (Katherine, Catherine) is a huge family name. It's my real name, it was my grandmothers middle name and the list goes on and on. I really LOVE that name.

The way we came up with Zachary's name is a pretty funny story. He is also adopted and we got the call to adopt him two years ago on a Thursday afternoon. The next Tuesday he was born. The weekend in between we had driven down to Little Rock to meet his birth parents and Jenny (his birthmom) was contracting the entire time we were with her. She wasn't a rookie at child birth and thought she would pop him out at anytime. She told us we should stay in Little Rock if we wanted to be there for the birth. He was born in the midst of March Madness and we ate dinner at the bar at Chili's that night watching basketball and waiting for the phone to ring. I remember it hitting me and I looked at Seth and said, "Oh shit... we're about to have a baby boy and we don't have names picked out." It became a baby naming event at the bar that night. everyone sitting with and around us were involved, especially the bartender. "What about so and so or this one..." We were writing them and saying them and it was hilarious.

Seth and I could never agree on a boy's name. The only one we could compromise on was Cole, and we both loved it... well... That was all great but the summer before we had another foster baby named Cole and you know how that goes. That was OUR Cole and now we could never use it for another. We finally narrowed it down to Zachary and Max. I really loved Max but we couldn't come up with a good middle one for a one syllable name. We also threw around Colin for a while and then the someone said, "How about Zachary Colin?" and alas, we had a name! Of course, little did we know of the naming crisis was only the beginning of what that fiasco weekend turned into - BUT - at least we had a name.

We would like and hope to adopt one more baby. If and when that happens, we have a couple other names we would like to use.

Molly Claire
Ruby Claire

Gunnar - but I don't think that sounds good with our last name

-We don't have any middle names picked for a boy.

Oh, and I almost forgot...When we started the whole adoption process we were originally going to adopt from China. My, how plans change...We named that supposed to be baby girl - Madeline Claire. THEN... we had another supposed to baby girl adoption from Chicago, but at the last minute the young mother chose to parent and not to place...and we named that baby Carly Nicole. Nicole was the mom's name.

Weird and twisted stories... I know. That's how we roll! ;)

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  1. I always wanted Zachary Shane and then my cousin went and had a baby before me and took the name. Also love Max but it is harder to find middle names for short first names.