Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vacay 2010

We are home finally home from the most amazingly wonderful family vacation ever! After having to abort all of our previous plans (for various reasons), we chose to go to ClubMed in Port St. Lucie, Fl. It was an absolute GREAT TIME! I wish we would have gotten more pictures, but so is life. We have our memories and that's what counts!
Here are just a few to share...
We're on our Way! - Lydi living it up on the plane.

The boys enjoying the sights from way up high
Some views of and around the resort

Still in her jammies, but READY to SWIM!

The kids LOVED the beach!

The Uber Awesome sandcastle Daddy and the kids built

My Boys! Oh how I love them so!

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  1. awesome pictures looks like you guys had a blast. I just got home from a cruise to the Bahamas - ahhhh - I love Nashville but let's be honest - there's not much better than sunshine & a beach!!! glad you guys had a fun trip - Brittany