Friday, June 25, 2010

WHAT are we going to do TODAY?

Kelly is talking about activities for kids today. It cracks me up b/c I could go on forever. I feel like we haven't slowed down since the day I got off for the summer. truthfully, I sort of dread the summer b/c the last several years have been soooo hard. The kids are a little older now though and this summer has been a lot more enjoyable.

I would lOVE to do some of the FUN activities I have read about on all the other sites but good heavens, we haven't slowed down long enough this summer to breath.

I have been taking Lydia to swim lessons for 2 years now to the best program in Nashville. The problem...It's in Nashville. I'm a big wimp b/c it takes (tops) 25 minutes to get there - we live in a suburb just outside the city. BUT...I got so sick of driving up there. So, I asked her swim lesson coach who i could contact in our area just for the summer. And she suggested we put her on our neighborhood SWIM TEAM! WHAT??? She's 4! She is BARELY 4! The swim team? Can she even swim? She looked at me like I had 4 heads and said "Of course she can swim!" So, hesitantly, I signed her up.


She's a FISH!

Here are some pics of her first meet - where she actually placed 4th in the backstroke with 5 and 6 year olds!
Excited it's HER turn!

Swimmer's Take Your Mark...

Get Set Go!

Taking a break for a breath and a smile!


Here's the kicker... I chose to put her on our neighborhood swim team b/c I was tired of the commitment of driving into Nashville. Oh Good Lord. Swim team is 100x's that wienie drive. She has practice EVERY DAY! And the meets are roughly once a week! So, the jokes on me I suppose. Although, she LOVES it. She is learning so much and building endurance and we have met lots of great new neighbors. It's worth it.

Lately, when we have not been at the pool, we are dance and dress rehearsal for the recital on Saturday. I have one BUSY 4 year old! Her recital is tomorrow - AT LAST and then at least we will slow down a little.

Then we can get back to the things we love to do in the summer. Here are some of the things I have done with the kids that last couple summers to stay busy...

  • The Local Library - Ours has Toddler and Preschool times where they read stories, sing songs and make some sort of craft. It's AWESOME and takes at least an hour! haha.
  • The Mall Playground - It's INDOORS and they love it! - then we usually go to the food court and to eat lunch. This takes the "what am i going to feed them for lunch" and the messy kitchen clean up out of the equation.
  • Bowling - Our bowling alley has 1 free game per kid all summer long. We meet some friends and let the kids have fun. And...if you can get enough people together you can drag a free game out for a Loooong time. hehe.
  • Chuck E Cheese - I love this place for several reasons but mostly b/c they serve BEER! Haha. j/k...(sort of) But also b/c you can get tons of coupons and feed and entertain the kids for hours at this joint. If you can handle the chaos, you can kill more than an hour here!
  • Oh, and I almost forgot...Check out your local movie theatre. Many around us offer free (or next to nothing) children's movies during the day (typically morning hours). We haven't gotten a chance to do that yet this summer, but intend too.

Ok, are you getting the feeling I do not enjoy my LONG summer days at home with my kids - B/C you would be wrong. I DO - BUT only if we can stay VERY busy. I am really good at filling up the mornings up until nap time. What I struggle with is the witch hours of 3 - 5:30ish...Does any one else wish these hours away. Man, I do!

That's my contribution. Thanks Kelly and everyone out there with great ideas!

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  1. great ideas! And way to go- your little 4 year old already in swim team??!! She is adorable! Loving your blog :)