Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And So The Ride Gets Fun...

September 8, 2006 was just like any other Friday, except that it was my niece, Haley's 8th birthday. And we had plans to meet the family at dinner to celebrate.

I remember the call like it was yesterday. It was just around 3:30 in the afternoon. I of course asked Hello and waited for a response. The other end was a young female voice, very sweetly asking to speak with me, Mrs... "This is Katie" I said indicating she didn't need to be so formal. She told me she was from the agency, the agency we had only switched to a couple weeks before. She said she had a situation...A young teenage mother and her baby. She gave no details except that the mother seemed very sweet but depressed. She was barely 15. She added that she had a young baby that would also need care and they desperately wanted them placed together.

Well, if you remember from my last post, Seth and I had an agreement that we felt like we couldn't accept teenagers into our home. So it's hard for me to explain why I didn't give it a moments hesitation. The next thing I knew I was calling Seth. "Are you ready to be a foster father?" I asked him. I still remember the excited but confused chuckle he let out. He was ready.

So that evening we quickly met my family at Logan's Steakhouse (for what we would later learn will be our last dinner as a family of 2) for Haley's birthday dinner and headed home. Then quietly about 8:30 that evening The Bug and her sweet and very young birth mother, "C" were on our doorstep.

Buckle your seat belts...The next 2 years was the roller coaster ride of our lives.

Only a few Short Days after The Bug
Arrived on our doorstep and in our Hearts!

"Feels like some kind of ride but it's turning out just be life going absolutely perfectly."
B. Andreas

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