Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Water Park~Baby Ears~And Sugery

We went to the water park in the Smokies last weekend - Just the four of us and had a BLAST! We had such a blast together! Getting away and just having FUN is exactly what this family needed!

And then, there is REALITY...

Why Oh Why do babies, MY babies have such issues with their sweet little ears?
I know, I know...the tubes are small and so on and so on... I know all the medical reasons. But, My Poor Babies!

Lydia is almost 4! But since before Christmas, she has a nagging ear infection -in BOTH ears- that will not go away! She has been on FOUR rounds of different antibiotics and STILL...her ears hurt her. Poor Girl! She is such a trooper though - always smiling, always laughing...I LOVE that little Love Bug. Next week she will be seeing Zachary's ENT. REALLY? At 4? BIG SIGH....

Zachary - Oh poor baby Zac. His tubes fell out a month ago. I swear, the next day the child had green puss and yucky junk coming out of both ears. Well, he also has been on antibiotics for a month straight. He finishes them and the next day we have the gunk again. I don't get it. He should be growing OUT of this by now.

I just feel helpless and worry my kiddos are in pain. I KNOW Zachy is. :(

So. In just a few short weeks Zachary will have tubes put back in his ears. I am so glad b/c we had such great success last time. BUT, he is also having his adenoids removed. It's not a big deal, and certainly NOT a big surgery, but, he will have a sore throat for a couple days and feel puny and I just hate it!

And then I think of all those in Haiti as my bloggy friend reminded me of today and also all the caringbridge blogs I follow that just break my heart.

And then... All of the Sudden...

It's all put in perspective. Life is GOOD!

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  1. I think some kids are just more prone to ear infections. P the oldest I nanny for has never had one..The baby Willie B has one every other month. I hope your kiddos are both feeling well soon!