Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lydia Turns 5!

I can't believe that you are 5 years old LydiBig! Where in the world has the time gone. It seems just yesterday you arrived on our porch exactly 5 MONTHS old! Life has been nothing short of AMAZING since that day. Our love for you grows with each inch. I know it sounds so cliche' and every Mom thinks "this" of their own, but Lydia Kathryn, YOU ARE UNIQUE. You are a constant SMILE! You are a BURST of energy! You are ALWAYS happy and make everyone around you HAPPY. Others are drawn to you! You are the ONE that people dream of and wish they could be. And I mean that literally. Other parents say to us all the time.."She is ALWAYS happy and smiling. I wish I was like that!" or... "Does she belong to you? She makes my day every morning with the biggest smile and hug." I am savoring the sweet months I have left with you before I turn you over to the world of Kindergarten! I know it will pass in a blink and I will wish all of my life i had these times back. You are FUN and make our dreams come true every morning - as you JUMP into our bed...even if it is often times only 5am. Your birthday was a perfect day. We went to Jump Zone and lunch with Amy, Anna and Zachy and dinner with all of your favorite peeps! Grandma and Grandpa, ALL of the Handshys! Gary, Kyle and Chuck! :)


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