Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tornados and other Nonsense...

I am so sick of this CRAP ASS weather! I mean seriously...what is going on? My dog is a FREAK. And I don't mean he's a freak like other dogs when it comes to storms...He's a FREAK! This is the same dog that is afraid of his food and water bowl and we have to feed on a paper plate...IN THE SAME spot every night or he cries and whines and refuses to eat and drink. can imagine how he reacts when it comes to thunderstorms and bad weather! O-M-G!!!

So after MANY nights of this hideous weather in the past month, I finally called the vet. We already have Xanax for the freak, but 2mg. didn't touch this 46lb. dog and get all the crazies out as it should have. Poor Shaggy...Nooooooooooooooo. Poor Shaggy the FIRST or SECOND or maybe even THIRD storm of the spring...but by storm number 20...Get a damn hold of yourself DOG! Anyhow. The vet also gave us a sedative to add to the Xanax, which I did the night before last at 2am. Well, it seemed to kick in right around the time we all had to get up. UGHHH! Last night I was proactive and gave him both about 9:30ish, before I went to bed and NOTHING...He STILL went ballistic when it started thundering and lightning. At 2am, I again gave him another Xanax since the others had NO seemingly effect. Again...NOTHING! WTH? He continued to cry and pace and whine and wake the entire house up again and again!

I am tired and crabby and so are my kids... and where is Seth?? Oh... out of town of course. Do you hear the crabbiness in my words?

I never thought I would say this but bring on summer...enough of this shit!

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