Sunday, June 14, 2009

All I Can Muster Up...

Pictures are about all I can muster up today. I am TIRED. We've done a lot of running around lately and haven't slept very well. Anyhow, here are just a few pics to share...

We did a lot of work at the lake last weekend. The Bug was a BIG help! :)

Seth and My Dad laying the tile in the bathroom. Thanks for the help Honey!!

Breakfast On The Deck

A Full Mouth.. Chew Zachy!

The Kids got new hats for the summer. GO CARDINALS!!!!

The Bug's hat is scratch and sniff...seriously...You scratch the strawberry's and they smell like strawberry...Kinda like Strawberry Shortcake's hair did back in OUR Days!

My Future St. Louis Cardinal...

Lydi INSISTED that we play with Play-doh today, we did! :)

And with that, Have a HAPPY NEW WEEK!!!


  1. So cute! I hear you on the go go go running around lately. I have had all 4 nephews at my house as well as my Mother In Law & Mr. Fix It. Frontier City, White Water theme park, Swimming in our pool, Photos at the park, Movies and the mall in 3 days. I AM TIRED!!!