Tuesday, June 16, 2009


OK, FIRST, I want to talk about my blog-over... My NEW HEADER. I am very excited about it, although it looks quite armature-ish. I am after all an armature at this blogging thing. Anyhow, my friend E. taught me how to do this, even though she is tirelessly trying to plan her wedding. We all know how stressful and time consuming that is so I am very thankful. I am going to keep messing around with it and hopefully get it just right. THANKS E.!!! Go check her out...her blog is adorable!

You're probably wondering about the title huh? hahahaaa. My Baby Bam cracked me up today.

Baby Bam is a boy of few words and he is also ALL BOY! He climbs, he runs, he is into EVERYTHING and he throws EVERYTHING. As much to his daddy's dismay, I am thinking this boy will be a pitcher! ~Seth would rather him play soccer. :) Sorry Honey!

Anyhow, Zachy will throw anything he can get his hands on. He will pick up Lydia's little (toy) boom box and throw it on the hard woods. He will pick up his toy train and throw it across the room on to the tile kitchen floor. He will somehow sneak the remote control and the next thing you know, it's flying across the room. It stresses me out!

While some of you mommies to multiple boys may be used to this but THIS kind of rough house behavior, THIS mommy is not. The Bug was NOTHING like this. If there was a definition for an EASY baby and beginning toddler, you would see a picture of this...

But Zachy is ummmm, well, he's just a bit different. Hahhaa.

So, when he decides to hurl big plastic toys (or whatever else he can get his hands on)across the house it causes a couple problems.

-If you're not paying attention, you are likely to poop your pants. It often sounds like a truck driving through the front door.
-It ruins toys, and since he does not discriminate what should or should not be tossed like a discus, it can ruin one of the nicer toys, or maybe Lydia's toy (which DOES NOT go over well), or a household item, which also is not cool.

Being that Bam is only 15 months old and hardly talks I am always wondering and doubting whether he is understanding the scolding he gets when his arm gets the better of him. Nevertheless, I always look at him and say something like, NO, NO, or Stop That, or NO Throwing Zachy!

But my curiosity was cleared up today.

This morning after breakfast the kids were playing in the playroom...

I was cleaning the kitchen and straightening up the house. I finally sat down to check my email and all the sudden out of the playroom, onto the hardwoods, I hear BOOM! Then I hear Zachary say, "STOP DAT". HUH? Zachary doesn't talk much at all. He especially will not say anything on command - so much different than his sister. Anyway, I turn around and see him come towards me with, what else, Lydia's little boom box radio. He hurls it again in toward the front door on the foyer hardwoods, looks right at me with a smug look on his face and says, "STOP DAT!"

I BURST INTO LAUGHTER, and he did it several more times. Little Shit, I thought as he continued to mock me. Then I immediately called Seth, who is out of town and had him say it for him. Then I called my mom and he said it on cue. We all got a kick out of it.

On the way home from "Toddler Time" at the library this morning he kept saying it over and over. Lydia and I couldn't keep from laughing.

OH NO... I think we have created a MONSTER! :)

Baby Bam has a handful of words, UNLESS, he wants to SURPRISE us I guess.


  1. Glad you liked the song too! It's so cute right? You lucky duck. I have always wanted to go to Nashville and check it all out. I am SURE I will run into Dolly. Haha! Anyways, love the header! Good job! Baby Bam is too cute!

  2. Your header is majorly cute, especially for an "amateur". Thanks for stopping by my supper swapping blog!!


  3. Aww thank YOU katie for the mention on your blog!
    I'm glad my "how to" wasn't too confusing...your header looks great! Awesome job!!!

  4. I think your header rocks, you have learned so much about blogging (I think I may be getting jealous - LOL) I am still stuck in the stone ages.

    As for the differences in boys and girls - my mom always said she'd rather give birth to a baseball team before she had another girl............. OUCH. :) And I was the good one!

  5. Wow! Your blog header looks awesome! I have no idea how that sort of thing is done :) Bam is certainly a cute little monster!! My kids are opposite from yours... Austin is so cool and mellow most of the time (always has been) and the girls are not so easy, and complete drama!

  6. You okay over there? You've been MIA????

  7. adorable!!!!! my best friend's 15 month old's new mocking command is to tell you "Down!" He is told that quite often as he is a CLIMBER, so now he tells us down all the time

  8. Heehe...What a little stinker!! I finally got to meet my cousin Aaron's youngest this past weekend at a reunion. Abby is 3. She took one look at my 14 yr old son, Jesse, and fell in love. She came wandering in the kitchen at one point looking for him and said in her 3 year old voice,"Where is my Prince??". I have a adorable shot of her and Jesse posted for Father's day. Jesse is my baby, but he would make such a great big brother, sigh....

  9. Little 'monsters' are fabulous!!! xx

  10. Looks like a ton of fun!! I miss going on rollercoasters.