Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 4th and Stuff...

We had an awesome weekend. Friday we had some good friends, Shannon and Ben over to swim and eat and play corn hole. We all had a great time. Then Friday night Seth crashed their date to the movies and tagged along to see The Transformers.
Daddy and Baby Bam in the pool...

Lydia jumping in for the 100th time!
Picnic at the pool.
Whew...Ben throwing Lydia. She LOVED THIS!!
Shannon and Lydia swimming!
That's my little cheerleader!
Saturday morning we went to our neighborhood 4th of July parade where everyone decorates their wagons, strollers, bikes etc. and follows the fire engine. Lydi and Seth decorated our wagon.The kids loved it, but the sun was bright and it was hot!

They are in there somewhere...haha.
Fun Times!
Zac's ready for the pool!
We headed back to the pool after that
After the pool we were off to a neighbor's house for a FUN cook out and small fireworks. I forgot my camera though. And then of course we went out for the REAL fireworks. I love fireworks! My photography skills (or lack thereof) did them no justice though!
My sweet Zachy waiting with Grandma to watch!

He was amazed and never took his eyes off of them!
Lydia liked them too but thought they were loud!
All the kids watching...
On Sunday we were invited to another swim party at some of our other friends home. Lydia had so much FUN swimming with her friends, Marlie and Macy. Sorry, I forgot my camera AGAIN, *sigh*!

This week has been a little nuts as we were seriously considering making an offer on a house just a couple streets away from us. It was stressful and in the end we just couldn't get the numbers to work - bummer. I guess we (ahem, I) just have the itch to buy something because we have been searching boats on Craigslist and Ebay like crazy the last couple days. Now, I MUST have a boat! Haha. I guess we'll see.

Here's a few more, just b/c my little Bam is so stinking CUTE these days. He LOVES stuffed animals and dolls and he loves to push things around. He figured this out and it was the best of both worlds...

And... I had to modify my post after looking at it. Seth thinks this outfit that Zachary is wearing is awful! He said he was too old for it and he think it looks "gay". Of course the term "gay" to US does not at all have a judgement attached to it or mean anything about sexuality (in this situation). Some of our very best friends and relatives are gay, and after all... if you read my "about me" you would see that I am very liberal and think all should be accepted just as they are... ANYHOW... back to the outfit... I have to ask you women and blogger friends... Is this outfit too young for my 16 month old? OR...Does it look Gay? And when you answer, think of the term "GAY" as in... completely southern momma dressing her kid in the way too preppy polo romper, trying to make her boy look like a little girl "GAY". Lord, I hope not, but I have to admit, it did cross my mind. We are so sweat pants and sweat shirts... Just ask my Gay Boys... hehe.

YES or No? Help.


  1. Ha! You crack me up! I certainly don't think he looks "gay" - definitely on the preppy side, but he's so darn cute!! I don't think he is too old for that outfit at all... 16 months old is still a baby!! Maybe Seth's real problem is the stroller and doll?? Although that's not a big deal either :) I've occasionally caught Austin playing with his sister's things also, ha! Regardless, the child does not look "gay." Tell Seth he is WRONG!!

    What the heck is corn hole?

  2. I think he looks cute - However, I wouldn't go to much past 24 months - you might give him a complex. LOL - I am teasing. It's so funny that we're alike and our husbands are alike - totally something Mr. Fix It would say! We're hangin here in Miami - going to head to South Beach tomorrow (wish the twins were done) Universal and Island of Adventure on Sunday along with all other places. I'll post pics when I can - glad to see you on here! I've missed ya!

  3. I love the "cheerleading" picture in the water. She looks like she's floating.

    I have to say I'm not a fan of rompers BUT I didn't even notice that it was a one piece until you mentioned it. So all in all it's not that bad.