Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Baby or a Boat

That was the ultimatum that I gave Seth a month or so ago. He VERY quickly responded, A BOAT!!! So after a VERY long search for the perfect one, here is... IN LIEU OF... Isn't she Adorable! hehe.

A Daddy and his Daughter...

My Happy Happy Bug
Seth's DREAM. He's sooo Happy!

Lydia was jumping in over and over. She LOVES the water - Thanks to Swim America lessons!!

It was an unusally COOL weekend in July. We had to bundle up!

Enough is Enough. We weren't in the car 5 minutes on the way back to the lake house and she was OUT!
MOre FUN in The SUN to COME!!!

- Next though is A LOT more of Lydia's adoption story. I need to try to finish it up and get on to Bam's. He's is CRAZY TOO!!


  1. Awesome! Very nice boat! James is dying for one also, he feels bad he hasn't taken the kids fishing since his dad took him all the time. In fact when you did your post about wanting a boat a few weeks back, that very same day we were working on our budget (blah) and he was trying to find a way to put one in! It didn't fit though!! I know y'all will make a lot of memories and have so much fun! Lydia is so precious, I love all her curls! :)

  2. Oh, what fun for you guys!! Love the shot of Bug in her car seat.....I have days like that myself!! I make to after dinner and thats what I look like when I sit down on the couch.

  3. OMG I love the boat - I am so jealous - must visit and drink beer on new boat with new boobs! he he he