Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shaggy Dog

I have had my Shaggy Dog forever. For many years it was just him and me. I LOVE my Shaggy Dog but, Shaggy does have some issues. Shaggy is afraid. He is afraid of almost EVERYTHING. This winter he lost almost 10lbs. because he was afraid of his food and water bowl. We tried EVERYTHING. We tried plastic bowls and ceramic bowls. We tried rubber mats so bowls didn't slide, and the list goes on.

This spring I took Shaggy to the vet right around the corner and realized how much weight he had lost. He's such a skinny dog to begin with and now with this weight loss the vet and I were very concerned.

We switched to canned food on a paper plate and it worked!! (He also had food allergies so switching around was stupidly confusing). He has gained his weight back and then some. He has almost started acting like a puppy again. He is romping around and playing and barking. It's really great.


You come home to THIS....

Yes. He chewed off our door frame and then through dry wall! -Whew, I am glad Kelly's Kitchen Edition was yesterday - haha. But, it wasn't so much haha when we got home from our quick dinner out last night.

You are seeing a VERY cleaned up version of the mess he had made...The reason, THUNDER STORMS! He's always been freaked out by thunder storms but not like this!

Firworks freak him out the very most and he has done A LOT of damage to ours and other friends houses b/c of fireworks, but never thunderstorms.

So, today I called the vet and since they are calling for more storms for the next two days, guess what Shaggy is LOOPY on... Xanex! He is walking around like he is drunk... It's pretty funny, but also a little concerning. He is old.

We are about to leave for a Derby party. Oh man, wish us luck that the Xanex works it's magic!

Here's a drunk Shaggy...



  1. Oh~my~gosh!! He is sooo precious!! I'm sorry storms freak him out. Have you tried to crate him and cover the crate with a heavy blanket when a storm is coming?? Poor baby!

  2. Oh my gosh! I would die! Bad Shaggy! We had a siberian husky who would ruin things in the house too when we were gone, we had to kennel her when we left the house. I hope the Xanax worked :)