Saturday, May 16, 2009

Soccer, This and That...

The Bug's soccer game was finally NOT rained out this weekend. She did well, being that is definitely the smallest and youngest little girl out there. When the season started she was still a month shy of 3. Most of the girls she plays with are 4, almost 5. This is a BIG difference at this age, but oh well...She has fun!

The Purple Elephants...Yes, they let the kids pick the Team Name


Yep, She likes it OK

One of her Biggest Fans!

Bend it like The Bug!

We were really glad we got the soccer game in today. It rained all morning, stopped long enough for us to have a sunny soccer game and a nice lunch out, then started pouring again. I know the rain is good for the green grass, and flowers but damn it, I am sick and tired of it! It's no good for my mental health. A little sunshine would be nice. I am worried we are going to have a horrific mosquito summer with all this flooding and water everywhere. YUCK!

I'm not sure what's up with Baby Bam today but he has felt crappy. He woke up from his long nap this afternoon and felt really hot. I never check their temperature. The truth is, unless he's bloody hot, it doesn't matter if he his temp is 101 or 103. This drives my poor husband crazy. Being a scientific type of guy he likes facts and figures. Anyhow, I gave Bam some Tylenol and he wanted to go back to bed. He is up now and seems to be feeling better. I was thinking we would go to mass this afternoon, but I guess we will go in the morn instead.

I am craving a steak for dinner but shouldn't spend the money. That reminds me... I should go get a lottery ticket.

Peace Out...


  1. What a cutie pie - Darn, I forgot to get a lottery ticket too!

  2. The Purple Elephants HA!!! She looks so cute out there playing soccer. Hope the rain stays away for good and Baby Bam feels better... and that you win the lottery... :)

  3. Thanks for the comment and I enjoyed reading yours and am trying to "get current" on your sweet little bug's situation - Do you still have contact with her mother..?? I was a little confused...
    I am hoping to get a post in today or tomorrow - went to the Billy Joel Concert Sat night and it was AMAZING :)
    Bebe's Blog (Brittany)

  4. Katie,
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It's the support of strangers such as yourself that have helped to sustain and lift us up. Thank you again.
    Sage's Grandma-Liz

  5. That is so cute!! Love the girl soccer team!! I need to get my daughter involved in sports ( love sports like you) My daughter, Lawson, just finished up ballet and now wants to play football...excuse me, but that is a big difference!! We seem to have a similar family. I have a three year old daughter and a 16mo old son!! I will be back!!