Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Sickly Baby Bam

Whew, what a week. Remember in my last post when I was wondering what was up with Baby Bam, and thinking he may be sick? Well, we ended up in the ER that night.

He woke from his nap very crabby and very HOT! I couldn't find the thermometer so I gave him some Tylenol and held him. Pretty soon her became inconsolable. This has never happened before, even with constant ear infections his entire first 9 months of life. A few hours later, I found the thermometer and whoa... He was almost 103, and had a couple round of Motrin and Tylenol in him at this point. So we decided that he needed to be seen by a doctor. We have a CVS Minute Clinic within a few miles and we decided Seth would take him there and I would stay home with The Bug. Well, they wouldn't see him b/c he was only 14 months old. We tried the Vanderbilt walk-in clinic too, but by now, they were closed. They came home. Bam was still on fire. So the decision was made and Seth and Baby Bam were on their way to the ER.

A few hours later they returned home with no answers. They suggested that we swap up the Motrin and Tylenol every 4 hours and sent him home with a diagnosis of pharyngitis (a sore throat). On Sunday his temp was 102 and he has now been rotating fever reduce meds for over 24 hours. It wasn't touching this high fever. He was not himself. His appetite was all but gone and wanted to be held all the time. First thing Monday morning I called his pediatrician. His fever was breaking and was down to 101 by now.

So, to make a really long story a bit shorter, he was diagnosed by his wonderful pediatrician with Herpangina. It's basically a virus that infants get that is in the same family as 'Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease'. But, with Herpangina, you only get sores in your throat and not on your hands and feet. Other symptoms...Very high fever and diarrhea. Yep, this was it!

It was great to get some answers but sadly, there was nothing they can do or prescribe to make it go away or get better. So, Seth stayed home on Monday, and I on Tuesday and today he went back to school and had a pretty good day!

As miserable as he felt, Baby Bam is an outside boy!! He will stand at our back door and cry to go outside. Seth took The Bug to soccer practice Monday night and Bam and I took a walk. The kind of walk that a 14 month old wants to take. That means that he is simply toddling up and down the sidewalk, trying to climb up any steps he can find to our neighbors front doors. Well, as we all know, toddlers toddle and they DO FALL DOWN.

As if he wasn't feeling bad enough, Bam did a face plant into the aggregate sidewalk and the sidewalk won!

BB is on the mend now and all is better at our house! And I am ready to work further on the STORY!

Sweet Baby when he returned from the Hospital. They gave him that Teddy Bear in the ER

Post The Face Plant...

As if the poor Baby wasn't already feeling crappy enough!

Yep, It feels like some kind of ride but it turns out it's just life going absolutely perfect!

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  1. Oh poor Baby Bam! It's always scary when you can't get their fevers to come down. I'm glad he's feeling better now, besides the scrapes on his face, poor baby! I loved your comments the other day on my blog! I can't believe you are a big Cutler fan... ha! My sister-in-law just graduated from Vanderbilt, so they are big Commodores fans too. Honestly I was thrilled (so incredibly happy) they traded him (he was a big BABY like you said)... guess you'll have to be a Bears fan now!!