Friday, May 15, 2009

Show Your House Friday: Spare Bedroom

Oh Hell, I have no right participating in this one. My spare bedroom is currently my dumping ground.

But, it's show your house Friday over on Kelly's blog. Check out all the spare bedrooms here...

So, after we adopted Baby Bam last year, this room went to pieces. It's actually a really cute little room when it doesn't look like this...

Here's what you would actually see if you were a visitor in my home. Notice the door is shut. I NEVER shut doors or close blinds...well, almost never.

Before we open the door, here is what you would see on the wall by the spare bedroom...

Here is the photo you would see hanging right beside the spare bedroom door. This is a picture of The Bug's first snow. When we were in the fight of our lives for her, my incredibly, awesome husband made this for me...

Ok, Here goes to the MESS...TOLD YOU SO!

Yep, you see wrapping paper, the kids old shoes that don't fit them anymore, Christmas boxes, summer clothes that need to get put away, suitcases, Pooh 1st B-Day Party hats, Easter baskets and so on...This is sooo embarrassing!

And there in the corner is the Exersaucer, and more junk...Is it over yet?

I'll try to leave on a kind of good note...I think this print is so CUTE!

The little lonely nightstand in the corner...Hey, there's that ear thermometer that my mom gave me that I have been looking for...hehe

Honestly, by nature, I am a neat and clean, organized girl! This room is making me crazy. School is out next week and as soon as it is, THIS ROOM is my first priority. So, check back and see. I will do before and afters. :)

~ On a side note, if you are just visiting from Kelly's, PLEASE check out my last post and pray for little POCA who was ripped from her foster family after four years unexpectedly, and tragically. I am sick about it and want to get the word out.



  1. Thanks for the sweet comment! :) If you look on the bottom of my blog you'll see a button the says "Designs by Leslee" you can click on it. She did a wonderful job! :)

  2. I love the pictures and the handprints. so cute!

  3. LOL - I cracked up readying your Show Us Your House today. Way to go for keepin it real girl! I lucked out and my cleaning girl came the day before I took photos! :) Can't wait to read the rest of your posts, you totally seem like someone I'd like to be bloggy friends with! he he he....... Angie M

  4. Katie,
    I totally have a space like this, except that it's a closet. :) It's one of those closets where you have to stick your arm in to keep things from falling out as you open to door wider! I had to comment because I love the snow angel picture collage. It's so precious and when I read the quote it made me tear up.

  5. This is exactly like the room I talked about on my tour today. Except yours isn't as messy!

  6. LOL!! I love it! This is exactly why I didn't participate in the guest room edition...! What a nice picture your hubby did of the bug and snow - so sweet!

  7. I am glad to see I am not the only one showing a guest room in all of it "non-glory" Great post!! Going to read about POCA now.