Friday, March 26, 2010

Boiler Up

Around here, sports are in our blood. Football and Basketball are etched into our souls. -Whats a good blog without a little exaggeration? haaa. Anyhow, we do go into a sports lovin' depression every year when March Madness ends. I also LOVE Cardinals baseball too. And Seth is DYING for The World Cup to start this summer.


Well, we are headed out tonight to watch PURDUE in the Sweet Sixteen. It's not a hobby around here. We live and die by our teams. When Vandy got beat the first round, I cried. Literally, I shed tears in a sports bar. SIGH...Before you judge me...we were picked to make some serious NOISE in the tourney. I digress...

Anyhow...Purdue plays at 9 something tonight. We going out b/c we don't think we can see the entire game at home. We have a babysitter coming over. I so HOPE this isn't the end of our basketball season tonight.

But... On the BRIGHT SIDE...

We will save a lot of money on babysitters.

At least until fall...


1 comment:

  1. Oh Honey, I so hate to burst that bubble but DUKE IS GOING TO KICK PURDUE'S BUTT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We are Duke fan's all the way in this house. I'll be thinking sad thoughts for you later tonight. Hee hee.

    And I'm dying for the World Cup to start too. Woot!