Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Zachary!

Dear Zachy,

I cannot believe that that you are TWO YEARS OLD! Where have the last two years gone? They have gone by so quickly. You are not my baby boy anymore, instead you are mommy's little toddler and before I know it, you will be my little boy growing into my big boy. I can't bear the thought.

I still remember so clearly my first phone call to learn about you. It was a Thursday afternoon. I was in the daycare parking lot about to walk in and pick up your sister. Chills went up and down my body when the call came in. Later that night I spoke with Jenny on the phone for a long time. We clicked. She loved you so much and knew that she was making the right decision for YOU, even if it was breaking her heart.

The day you were born and the next 12 days were the hardest and most confusing days of our lives. Then finally, on that 13th day of your sweet little life we met. Macy handed you to me and the feelings were overwhelming. My heart was full. You were the baby I had been dreaming of. The baby I prayed for and loved, even before I knew you.

Now here we are two whole years later, when it seems all I did was blink and this time has passed.

Today you are a boisterous two year old and you are ALL things BOY! Your favorite thing to do is play basketball. You LOVE it! You also like to watch it and go to games, just as you did football in the fall. You would live outdoors if we would allow you. I can't wait until the Spring weather arrives and we can play together under the sun.

You used to be a great eater, but these days you have decided to change that. I think you are just trying to give me a hard time b/c it worries me so when you don't eat. You talk up a storm and like to sing songs. You can count to twelve and sing your alaphabet. You also recognize lots of numbers and letters! I didn't even know you could do that until you started belting them all out in the bathtub the other night. You are very smart! You can throw one of THE BEST tantrums I have ever seen. And your favorite word is MINE! You are going to make a perfect two year old! ;)

You have a monsterous sweet tooth! Chocolate is by far your favorite food. You have good taste! Your favorite meal is breakfast b/c it's often pancakes or muffins - both of which you LOVE! You are a great sleeper, but you do rise by 6am every morning. You run into our room ready for the day. We are looking forward to the day you sleep a little later. You love your big sister and try to copy everything she does. It's very sweet. You also love your Grandma and Grandpa very much!

You are such my little snuggle bug which I melts my heart! You love, love, love stuffed animals. Your favorites are the blue bunny that Jenny gave you, the "Shaggy' dog that Grandma gave you and the bear family that my Grandma made for me when I was a little girl. I love seeing you carry them around. A few more things you like are trains, hotwheels, legos, balls, and light up toys that sing and blink.

You make us laugh all the time. You keep us on our toes. We have to keep a close eye on you at all times because you climb on everything you can manage to throw your little legs over. It is such a joy to watch you grow and learn and explore your world the way only Zachy would. Every day with you is a new adventure and it's an awesome journey sweet boy.

You will never know how much happiness and FUN you have brought into our lives. The amount of love daddy and I have for you is not something that can be described in words. Your big blue eyes, long eyelashes and naughty smile is forever engraved in our hearts. None of this will ever change!

We are so proud of you Zachy. We are proud and honored to be your mommy and daddy.


I just couldn't resist capturing your first TWO YEAR OLD tantrum this morning! You did it in style! All b/c I wouldn't open the star sprinkles that are going on your cake! hehe.

All my love Zachary,

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