Tuesday, March 30, 2010


at DCS of course.

It hasn't even begun, yet it's ALREADY begun. I will give them to the end of today to return my call and then I am going to go bloody crazy on SOMEONE!

Check out this website...Go ahead, I'll wait.


Now, wouldn't you think that they would have people JUMPING on telephones when it rings with people interested in learning more about adopting a child? Wouldn't you think if by chance they (and they NEVER SHOULD) missed a call from an inquiring family they would call back? Wouldn't you think they would email back after an email from an interested family?

Yeah...well I digress, NOT SO MUCH. Makes me sick. What a tragedy for these poor kids. Why in the world would I expect anything different. Jeez.

OOOhhhh, and what in the world is up with the "family profiles"?? Seriously? Waiting families?? Families who WANT to adopt waiting for a teenager lost in the foster care system to be placed in their home forever? I am soooo CONFUSED!

And they wonder why they lose quality foster homes like me and my friends.

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