Monday, March 22, 2010

Recent Happenings...

March 17 - Happy St. Patricks Day and Happy, Happy, Happy 2nd "It's OFFICIAL DAY!" We waited for that day in 2008, for that hour...4pm. We prayed for you, and The Good Lord listened. He answered our prayers.

March 18 (2010) - Took Zachary to the Pediatric Pulmonologist at Vanderbilt's Children's Hospital. He had a sweat test and many other tests. We were scared. But HE answered yet another prayer. You are healthy Zacho. You do not have CF, and we may have gotten to the bottom of your chest issues. That is yet to be determined, but we are hopeful! - Vandy LOST in the NCAA tourney. That mad for a crummy mood mommy, but NOTHING could top the good news we got earlier!

March 19 - HAPPY ADOPTION DAY ZACHY!!! We can't believe it has been 2 years. And we can't believe how ORNERY you have been since the day you turned 2! We try to just laugh, but the constant crying and throwing yourself around is getting a little old. Don't worry sweet coconut creme. We have your number and are taking lots of video to show at your wedding rehearsal! Love you! - PURDUE WON! Daddy was soooo excited and so was Mom. Grandma and Grandpa babysat while we went out with friends that night. We paid dearly for it the next day. But Yaaaaa Purdue!

March 20 - Lazy day at home...Long Naps, lots of play, and watched a lot of Basketball. We also hung out outside with neighbors for a few hours in the sun and windy weather. At least we saw some SUN!

March 21 - Got up, went to Mass. Lydia, you were so good at Mass this week. Way to go Sister! Then we went to get bagels for breakfast. Yuuuum. Came home...laundry, laundry, laundry...Mom and Dad searched for a vacay spot this summer. We still haven't booked anything! Ugh.(Does anyone know of a NICE All-Inclusive place in the Caribbean?) OK, so...More basketball (or beekoball as Zac calls it) b/c Purdue is still alive! We wanted to watch the game at home, for obvious reasons, but we couldn't get it b/c the games are shown regional. So, the next best thing was s local sports bar with the Purdue Alumni Club. We were having a great time. Seth and I have an unspoken agreement. If Purdue is playing, I chase the kids. If Vandy is, he is in charge. So, I spent the evening mostly walking around with the kids. The place is kid friendly with video games and stuff. Towards the end of the game Lydia was sitting at one. Zachary walked towards her and started to climb up to get in on the action. Lydia was having no part of that and swung her arm to shove him off. Zachary is only 6 lbs. lighter than Lydi, but he went flying and jacked his head against the corner of a table. The next thing I know, there is blood and Lydia is hiding underneath the game. Yep...This is life with toddlers. Zachary- this was now your THIRD visit to the same ER and you are barely 2. Seriously? They were able to glue you up. Stitches weren't required. Whew... BUT GUESS WHAT.. BOILER UP! PURDUE WON! We're on to the Sweet 16!

Seth- Can we get that vacation decided upon and leave TOMORROW? I am EXHAUSTED!


  1. um, you didn't include ballet pictures:) haha...Ours turned out hilarious. I laugh every time I walk by it.

  2. What a sweet story. Thanks for the comments on my blog. I love hearing your advice. Our SW told us we had to have a crib set up before she would approve her first home visit. Also, I have been told by many to expect calls for all ages. Our issue is space... the child will be sharing with my daughter, so we really can't take a teenager. As far as 0-2 that was what we "picked", but we would definitely be willing to take other ages. Thanks for all your advice. Keep it up! :)