Friday, March 5, 2010

Schedules...Who needs em'?

Ummm, ME!

Over on Kelly's blog we are talking about our daily schedules, or as I like to call them...ROUTINES! I am all about routines. In fact, you might assume I am on the spectrum the way I do NOT like to deviate. Although, it's almost comical for me to say that since it seems our routine is constantly changing. haha.

So, here's mine as of late...

6:00 AM - Zachary makes his morning appearance into our room. Does he go to Daddy's side? NOPE. He passes right by and walks all the way around the room to ME! Ugh, Good morning Zachy.

6:20 - Start wrestling a snoring Seth to get into the shower.

6:30 - Lydia comes into our room. Proclaiming that she has a dry pull-up! Yaaaa. Only, not so much sweetheart...maybe tomorrow night.

6:45 - Chase Zac around the upstairs trying to dress him; Fight with Lydia over the sleeveless summer dress and sandals she wants to wear on a 20 degree day.

7:00 - Try to brush kids teeth and do Lydia's hair. TRY is the key word there.

7:15 - 7:30 - Give Zachy his 200th does of some sort of antibiotic. Put kids shoes on, give them sippy cups (which often causes issues) of milk and ziplock bag of some sugary cereal that I know I shouldn't...BUT...but I trying to just get them to shut up about having sippy cups and get out the door. Put coats on - which often results in at least one kid yelling how much they hate their winter coats. And honestly, so do I and I am not confined to a 5 point harness car seat.

7:30ish - Seth comes downstairs. We briefly say good morning. We talk about the days Doc. appts. /Swim lessons/Dance/Late Meetings etc...

7:31ish - Sprint upstairs - Check work email, Jump in the shower.

8:00 - Respond to work email, check personal email, IM husband and tell him a million things that I forgot to in the rush of the morning.

8:15 - Plan my day at work according to which student is being naughtiest, or which teacher is screaming for help.

8:30 - Leave for work and work all day

4:00ish - Leave work, About 3x's a week, go to grocery store.

4:30 - Home, check personal email, read my blogs that I love, drink a big fat beer or glass of wine.

5:00 - Start dinner

5:20 - Family home

5:30 - Eat Dinner, Talk about our days, Beg Zachy to Eat. Beg Lydia to stop playing with her food.

6:00 - One of us bathes kids, brush teeth, and jammies on, one of us cleans the kitchen, feed Shaggy

6:45 - Family time - Either have nice quiet time with Seth as the kids play in the playroom OR, play a family game OR, play with them in their playroom or family room, play with Shags.

7:30 - BEDTIME FOR KIDS!! Read books,tuck in, say prayers, KISS and HUG - over and over and over.

7:45 - Tell Lydia to get back in bed and go to sleep.

8:00 - Sit on the couch to watch mindless TV, have another glass of wine or big fat beer. Think about blogging or calling a friend but I tell myself I am too tired.

8:30 - Go back and forth with Seth about what to watch on TV

9:00 - Give in, kiss him goodnight and go upstairs to the bedroom TV. Stop in each of my kids rooms and kiss them while they are sleeping and tell them how much they are LOVED!

9:15 - Brush teeth, etc... Put on Jammers

9:20 - Get in bed. Read my US Weekly, or my Fav Blogs, Get on my laptop and chat with friends on FB. Watch TV

10:00ish - Turn off TV. Turn off Lamp. Shut Down PC.

10:01ish - Say prayers. Close eyes, Go to sleep.

11 - 1 AM - Get woken up when Seth comes to bed. Listen to him brush his teeth and go through his night time "routine" - get annoyed b/c I KNOW I will have a hard time falling back to sleep.

1:30ish- Back to sleep if I am lucky.

So...That's it. Pretty boring. Depending on the time of the year, there is usually a Vanderbilt basketball game, a day on the boat... you know... all those things thrown in. Lately it's, just been A LOT of doc visits (See here where we had a brush of death with Zachy), work and school. I can't wait for SPRING WEATHER!! BRING IT!


  1. I love your blog its so cute! I wandered over frok Kellys Korner! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!