Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Weekend, Loads of Pics, and a Letter

We had BEAUTIFUL weather yesterday. The kids participated in our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. They had a great time and LOVED the candy they found inside all of their eggs.

They had a blast, but I have to be honest...I kind of sucked the fun out of it. I completely FORGOT about it until 10 minutes before (even though I registered them a few days before and dropped off the 36 plastic eggs I stuffed). We were all still in jammies. Seth let me sleep in so I was just waking up - then I remembered. I was throwing the kids clothes down the stairwell ordering everyone around like soldiers. "We're going to be LAAAAATE!" I got several dirty looks from baby daddy, but hell, we wouldn't be doing this at all if it wasn't FOR ME! Haaaa.
Then, we played outside... ALL DAY LONG! This car came from my sister and her kids. It's at least 10 years old. You would think it was made out of chocolate the way MY kids were fighting over it like it was last bite they would ever taste.
It was a VERY windy day.
It's the small (and FREE) things in life according to the BUG.

Can't get enough of this girl and her enthusiasm. My sister and I joke that she will someday turn cart wheels, giggle and shout..."Yaaaa, I get to go to work today!" I swear, this is the kind of spirit this little soul has. I LOVE IT!

Lastly, I did it. I wrote a letter to Christina, Lydia's birthmom. I included a few of Lydia's ballet pictures and a asked Lydia if she anted to draw her a picture. Oh course she was sooooo excited. I sat with her and told her how to spell Christina. I hope this only means good things to come. We haven't seen or spoken to her in almost two years.

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